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Share Review Schema Pro v1.0.4


Share Review Schema Pro v1.0.4 free download link google drive. The Review schema markup helps you add structured information like real user reviews, ratings and more so search engines can display that in rich snippets.

Download Review Schema Pro v1.0.4

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WordPress Review Plugin with JSON-LD based Structure Data Schema solution for your website. This Review Schema WordPress Plugin will generate auto schema markup for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce. You can also manually edit the schema data. This WordPress review plugin offers a single or multi-criteria base review and rating for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce.

Description Review Schema Pro v1.0.4

With this schema type you can increase chances of displaying review item image, description, and more that will help you look better in search results. Search engines further can display this information as a part of rich snippets so you can outperform your competitors in search results.
Review schema
How to Add Review Schema Markup?
Here’s how you can implement a review schema markup on your website in three easy steps with zero coding skills.
Setup icon
Select Schema Type
Click on Review schema type from the Schema Pro interface.

Target icon
Select Target Pages
Select the posts or categories where you want to implement it.

Future proof icon
Verify and Publish
Verify or modify the automatically mapped fields and publish.

Attract More Users with Real User Reviews in Search Engine Results
Display attractive reviews from existing users so you can bring in more visitors through the search engine results page.
Item name and description
You can flaunt the item and description in search results
The review schema markup will let you display the item name and description to accompany your user reviews and ratings within the rich snippets in search results.

Showcase star ratings that’ll make you look attractive than the rest
Star ratings in rich snippets will help you grab attention and stand out from the other results you get from search engines. Star ratings add authority and social proof to your face online.

Star ratings
Reviewers name
Fetch more review information in rich snippets so they look realistic
You can add the reviewer’s name and the review date so it looks more realistic and people believe what they first see. A reviewer’s name may show authenticity and the review date will help when you have recent reviews showing up.


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