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Share ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce Premium v1.3.8


Share ReviewX – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce Premium v1.3.8 free download link google drive. Now you can add your authentic customer reviews on your WooCommerce store using the WooCommerce Review plugin – ReviewX. It’s easy to set up and has an interactive dashboard that works seamlessly with any WooCommerce store and WordPress custom post type.

By using our plugin, you can create different multiple review criteria for your WooCommerce store product such as product quality, delivery time, service, product quality, etc. Based on these multiple review criteria, users can leave their ratings. Also, users can upload photos/videos in the review, recommend, like/dislike, share reviews through their social profiles, and more.

Well, you can set limited criteria for your product review (with the free version). But if you want to add more criteria, you need to purchase the premium version of the ReviewX plugin.

Now, let’s see a quick overview of our WooCommerce reviews plugin:

Multicriteria Rating: Set up different multicriteria for reviews on your product page. It will help customers leave their satisfaction based on different criteria such as product quality, price, service, delivery time, etc. Which will give an in-depth understanding of the review.

Review Reminder Email: The review reminder feature is a great way to increase the number of authentic reviews of a product from customers. With the review reminder feature, an admin can send an email notification if any customer misses leaving feedback on the WooCommerce product. So there is no chance to miss any opportunity to get customer reviews for WooCommerce.

Photo with Review: WooCommerce reviews with Images or relevant photos is another sophisticated feature. It lets customers include their reviews along with photos. They can describe their issues, or share their feelings by uploading images/photos. Hence, your online store will be more reliable and trustable.

Review Based On Order Status: With the ReviewX plugin, you can control and manage the reviews based on the different order statuses. This means you can set when you will receive reviews from your customers depending on the product purchase order status.

Advanced Visual Representations: Another interesting and eye-catchy feature of the ReviewX plugin is an advanced visual representation. You can visualize all the reviews for your customers with amazing visuals such as graphs, ratings, recommendations, etc on the review section of the WooCommerce product page or custom post type. As an admin, you can choose from multiple built-in design layouts from the backend.

Customizable Themes: You can showcase your customer reviews in two different yet stunning designs or templates. As an admin, you can choose the preferred templates that give different backgrounds and highlight styles.

Google Rich Schema: One of the modern-day’s ranking factors of SEO is to get visible on the search engine through the product review schema. Yes, by using the ReviewX plugin, you can surely rank your product page by adding the product review schema to your store. Thus, it will help you to get found on the Google SERP.

Manage WooCommerce Reviews: Manage all your reviews & feedback from one centralized dashboard of the ReviewX plugin. You can moderate the WooCommerce reviews at your convenience. That means all the review insights are in one place to take necessary initiatives. And you’ll be able to see customer reviews and product details.

Recommendations to Others: Another feasible yet useful feature is called Recommendations to Others. With this feature a customer can choose one from three recommendation statuses, ‘Recommended’, ‘Natural’, ‘Not Recommended. Based on all the recommendation counts an overall recommendation will be displayed in the review section. Just enable this option from your backend and customers could easily recommend your products/services to potential customers.

Elementor Integration: If you are using Elementor page builder and you may want to keep your product page different instead of the default one. So no worry, our Elementor Widget lets you do that easily. We bring you the Elementor widget to get your job done. You only design your WooCommerce product review directly get from the Elementor editing panel. And then design your page, add colors, change the icons, and fonts and do more of what you need.

Oxygen Builder Integration: The ReviewX introduces another page builder integration, Oxygen builder. Like the Elementor widget, you can directly use the Oxygen builder widget to design & customize your product review section. Using the ‘ReviewX Woo Reviews’ widget each element of review information is customizable.

Divi Builder Integration: You can also design & customize your product review page of the Divi builder. Using the Divi builder widget, you can customize colors, background styles, font colors, and more at your convenience.

Extensive Filtering: Now users can easily filter and find the WooCommerce reviews they want to see or read. The extensive filter option lets you do that smartly. Customers can filter reviews based on the photo review, text, recent, low and top-rated.

Verified Badge: With the ReviewX plugin, you can enable another useful feature, Verified badge. After you enable the option, you can add a verified badge to the customer reviews for WooCommerce store (who has purchased your product). So when visitors come to your shop, they’ll find the statement legit and convincing.

Advance Settings Panel: The advance setting panel helps to get several options related to the review page. It’s more like a setup wizard and the options are arranged nicely. From this setting panel or dashboard, you can control all the features, such as enable/disable, design format, email options, and more.

Test Review Reminder Email: Another useful feature of the ReviewX plugin is the test review reminder email. It’s very important to check the email before you send it. So the ReviewX plugin offers you this opportunity to test the email to see if everything looks fine and okay. You can choose the premade email template, customize the name, product name, add links, and more.

reCAPTCHA: You can enable the reCaptcha feature in the ReviewX-WooCommerce review plugin. By enabling this feature, you can protect the product review page from spam and bot reviews. So only the verified and legit users can submit their reviews.

Review for Custom Post: You can use ReviewX in your post/custom posts to collect reviews from your readers. Within the custom post type, you can utilize the ReviewX plugin both for the multi-criteria and the traditional rating system.

Review Import from Different Sources: You can now import the reviews collected from other online stores to your ones. The process is so easy made with our plugin that comes with the pro version.

Review with Video: Like photo upload, your customers can upload videos with images to their reviews/feedback/ratings. You can do it in two ways, one from the direct upload and another from the URL.

Unlimited Review Criteria: You can add unlimited criteria to your WooCommerce product review. But you can only add a limited number of criteria in the free version. By enabling the premium version, you can create unlimited criteria for the product review and customize them on your own.

Share Review on Social Media: You can enable this feature to let your customers share reviews on their social platforms. So different visitors from different places could grab and know about your product. Thus it generates more engagement in your online store.

Review Moderation: Use ReviewX’s review moderation feature if a customer mistakenly leaves a bad rating or comment on your store.

Voting System: Utilize the voting system on your online store with the ReviewX plugin. By enabling this feature, customers will get a voting icon beside the review. So visitors could show their acceptance by voting for the reviews or statements.

Anonymous Review: Your customers can post their reviews anonymously if you enable this feature on your WooCommerce store. This way, customers could hide their names instead of showing their personal information.

Highlight Review: You can highlight your most desired or top-rated WooCommerce customer’s review by using this feature.

Admin Reply: With this feature, you can reply to every review or feedback as an admin. This way, customers or visitors will understand that you’re highly trustworthy and give them a priority for their purchase. The edit/preview option is also available to correct if you make any mistakes.

Manage Review Approval: Enable ‘Review Auto Approval’ to manage all your customer reviews on your store. The reviews will be automatically approved and visible in the store. But later, you can turn it off to remove/control spam reviews.

Different Product Rating Styles: The ReviewX plugins offer three different product rating styles to show up on the store. As an admin, you can set the desired ones. And, customers will see the graphical preview on the product review page. Such as 5-star ratings, a like-dislike button, and happy-sad emoji.

Custom Logo For Admin Reply: You can add a custom logo designed for Admin reply. So whenever the admin replies, it will display the custom logo of the admin on the product review page.

Display The Reviewer’s Country: ReviewX introduced an exciting feature, now your reviewer’s country will be displayed along with their reviews. The country flag will be displayed from where your customer gives the review. This service is provided by ReviewX using IPinfo®.

24/7 Support: Get 24/7 dedicated support from our Support team to help you with every difficulty. Feel free to reach out to our Support team to get you every job done at your fingertips.

Resources: Useful WooCommerce Reviews Shortcodes

We have some available WooCommerce Reviews shortcodes to let you efficiently use the ReviewX features right on your WooCommerce store.

You can use them to display different review-related information such as product statistics, product criteria, graphs, product review summaries, product review lists, and so on. Add these functions to your product review page by using our available shortcodes.

Let’s check out them one by one:
1. Shortcode to display product statistics: [ rvx-stats product_id= ]
2. Shortcode to display Product criteria graph: [ rvx-criteria-graph product_id= ]
3. Shortcode to display product review summary : [ rvx-summary product_id= ]
4. Shortcode to display all product review lists: [rvx-review-list]
5. Shortcode to display a specific product review list: [rvx-review-list product_id= X]
6. Shortcode to upload profile image: [rvx_user_avatar]
7. Shortcode for Elementor widget: [rvx-woo-reviews]
8. Shortcode To Display Review Star Rating With Count: [rvx-star-count]
1. It accepts the Post-ID as a parameter [rvx-star-count post_id=’xx’], You can also utilize the product-ID to bring the star rating count from the specific product.
2. It supports custom post types. You need to define the post id of that Custom post type: [rvx-star-count post_id=’xx’]


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